About Our Founder

During his active involvement in the company, Daniel J. O’Connor loved to take challenging structural repair jobs. He carefully assessed the property before working with his trusted engineer to plan out the best way we could fix our client’s problem.  His primary concern was always doing right by the customer, giving them the best solution at an affordable cost.

Founded To Last for Generations

With over four decades of industry experience, Daniel J. O’Connor established Hydroarmor Systems to provide long-term services for a diverse clientele. His passion for fixing homes earned us a reputation for accepting jobs that most engineers won’t do.

Meet Our Current Company Leader

After inheriting the business from her father, Michelle Katnani proudly took up the responsibility of leading our operations. She strives to continue demonstrating the same passion her father had for every job to uphold the company’s reputation.

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Waterproofing Experts Who Build Stronger Living Spaces

At Hydroarmor Systems, our experts offer basement waterproofing and structural repair solutions. We provide our professional services to homeowners in New Jersey.

Upholding Excellence

Hydroarmor Systems is a proud pillar of the New Jersey community. Our experts are committed to helping homeowners live in safe and durable homes. That’s why we strive to provide affordable client-based services with a transferrable 30-year warranty.

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Producing Educational Videos To Keep You Well-Informed

Hydroarmor Systems has a YouTube channel with more than 160 informational videos. These audiovisual presentations aim to help educate viewers about basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and other similar topics. Youtube educational videos made hydroarmor like an international company, we give virtual support across the globe.

Contact Our Experts

You won’t have to worry about a flooded basement or major damages with the help of our waterproofing and repair services. Connect with us at Hydroarmor Systems to get started.