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Cracks in the basement walls or floor could be signs of foundation problems. A settling foundation can lead to major structural issues for your house. Hydroarmor Systems offer several foundation repair systems in the New Jersey area that will fit most home’s specific needs and budget.

Your home’s foundation is what keeps the rest of the structure properly aligned and secure. Excessive moisture and thermal contraction can wear away at your foundation with time, no matter how well it was originally built. If your home has experienced foundation damage, contact Hydroarmor Systems in Red Bank, NJ, about our residential foundation structural repair services.

When You Might Need Residential Foundation Repair

If you’re lucky, you will be undertaking foundation repair before the damage has led to flooding or collapse — of course, if you’re unlucky, you won’t know about the foundation problems until disaster strikes. If you have just purchased a home with an iffy foundation or you have noticed problems in the foundation of your existing home, schedule foundation repair before the problem gets worse.

With over 40 years in business, Hydroarmor Systems has what it takes to handle any residential foundation repair project you throw our way. We work extensively with engineers, so you can trust that the repairs we perform will be structurally sound and last for a long time. We also offer waterproofing services to further prevent damage to the repaired foundation.

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Bowed Walls, Buckling Walls

The basement walls cracks, horizontal bulges, or large cracks in the foundation, are the result of excessive external pressure that if left untreated can often result in total foundation collapse. Our experts will recommend the right solution to wall bulging which will correct the problem and return the basement walls to their original position.

I-Beams a proven solution for wall bulging

For bowed walls, buckling walls, and tipped or leaning basement walls, our expert often suggests the installation of steel i-beams. These i-beams are braced on the interior of your basement and will immediately give reinforcement to basement walls. These i-beams are bracketed to the floorboards and the base of your foundation walls. They can even move the wall back to its original position eventually. To learn more visit our   YouTube Channel

Foundation Settling Problems

As the earth beneath your foundation settles, your foundation floor may settle with it. Often, the soil beneath a home isn’t properly compacted before the foundation is poured. Over time, it sinks beneath the concrete and damages your home. This can lead to large, noticeable cracks in the foundation, windows and doors sticking when opened, or gaps in concrete slabs.

Foundation Settling Solution

Our experts excavate down to the virgin soil or the bedrock and install pillars under the footers of the foundation that will permanently stabilize your home. Once the foundation has been stabilized, we perform foundation repair to return the outside of your home to its original look.  Lean more on our  YouTube channel  Free Estimate link

Basement, Foundation, and Wall Crack Repair

Seasonal changes in weather temperature causing expansion and contraction of soil and foundation resulting in cracks in the foundation walls and basement floor.  Selecting the right contractor is very crucial to identify the real cause to achieve a lasting and stronger foundation.

Foundation Crack Repair

We are the foundation crack repair company that offers the services needed in order to solve your problems related to foundation, whenever they affect you. Our activity is based on expert techniques and systems to solve your basement wall cracks issues.  The most common type of crack repair methods is epoxy injection, because it doesn't require a long time to be applied and it proved to be effective for numerous foundation cracks. However, we offer reinforcement straps of carbon fiber, that were only available for the military industry in the past, which are even stronger than steel, but, at the same time, they don't weigh much and they are thin. If you choose to use this method and you use it properly, for basement walls, it may be the last step in sealing the cracks.