Residential Foundation Repair in Newark, NJ

A basement can be a great place to relax and socialize, but if your foundation has issues, then this could lead to flooding or excessive mold. To ensure the protection of your basement, turn to Hydroarmor. We provide a range of services that give your basement the defense it needs against whatever Mother Nature can throw at it. We are proud to serve all of Newark, NJ.

How Can We Help?

Allow us to reinforce your basement with basement waterproofing. We will ensure that our waterproofing covers the entire basement and that your basement has no risk of floods or leaks. Our quality work

is backed by 30 years warranty. Or if you have a crawl space, we can easily remove any mold and waterproof that as well. While mold is common in these spaces, it can lead to further problems like pests, bad air quality, and structural damage.

However, to provide additional protection, sometimes you need to have the right drainage or grading. We can do both for your yard, as well as check your gutters and downspouts and install French drains.

Finally, if you do have foundation damage, we can provide repairs for cracks, settling, and foundation wall issues. We will provide whatever residential foundation repair you need to keep your foundation safe from harm.

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