Residential Waterproofing and Foundation Repair in New Jersey

Serving the following counties, Morris, Essex, Middlesex, Hudson, Bergen, Hunterdon, Warren, Passiac, Union, Mercer, Somerset, Monmouth

New Jersey has no shortage of moisture. Signs of moisture in your home can cause catastrophic damage. Luckily, Hydroarmor Systems performs foundation and basement waterproofing that will protect your home from water damage.

Damage Prevention

Even if your property has runoff drainage systems in place, your home’s basement and foundation are still at risk of water damage. Soil composition, surface grading, and water table levels all affect how at-risk your home is of water damage.

Depending on the level of risk, your home may need simple indoor waterproofing or extensive outdoor waterproofing. Hydroarmor Systems will evaluate your property to determine which kind of waterproofing you need to adequately protect your home. We’ve been in this business for over 20 years, so we’re sure to see potential problems and help you avoid them.  Our prices are fair and very competitive and we back our work with 30 years warranty.

Damage Repair

If it’s too late for waterproofing, Hydroarmor Systems also offers residential foundation repair services. Damage to your basement and foundation can come in many forms, and we are prepared to identify and address all of them. After addressing the damage, we can add waterproofing to prevent future damage.

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