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Interior Basement Waterproofing System

Most of the time, interior waterproofing is effective in solving a wet basement.  Interior waterproofing involves opening the floor next to the wall or walls suspected to provide the path for water ingress.  A drainage system is installed, covered with gravel and connected to the proper sump pump, discharging the water to the outside.  

Interior Waterproofing

Exterior Waterproofing System

A better but more costly solution is installing an exterior waterproofing system.  Typically, this approach is highly recommended when the foundation walls are compromised.. In this solution the foundation walls are fully exposed from the outside by excavation, digging out all the dirt that sits by the walls down to footer level.  Then a waterproofing system is installed to mitigate all issues as revealed by the excavation then, sealing the walls, covering that with gravel and backfilling with soil to grade level.

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