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Basement Waterproofing 101 – How and Why your Basement is Wet and Moldy

Dan Started creating videos about waterproofing and HydroArmor Systems many years ago. He was even posting them to the internet way before YouTube was a big thing. He wanted to help educate his potential customers about why their basement was flooding or their foundation walls were cracking. If the old adage “A Picture is worth a thousand words” is true the question becomes “How many is a video worth?” If you take the time to watch our videos you will know more about Basement Waterproofing than 90% of the people in this industry!

In the early days of HydroArmor Systems Dan got so frustrated hearing potential customers tell him “Well that’s not what the last salesman said, why did he and all of the other salesmen all tell me the same thing?” (“maybe they just want to take your money and run?” is what he would think) The thing is Dan has over 40 years of Hands On Experience as a Contractor in the state of New Jersey. He has seen it all and knows what works and what does not.

Dan realized if he was going to change the Basement Waterpoofing and Foundation Repair Business for the best there had to be a shift in the awareness of the consumer. There had to be a way to educate not only his customers but anyone anywhere looking to buy basement waterproofing. With the limitless information at our finger tips he decided to create a YouTube channel to help educate customers about the “hows and whys” of basement waterproofing and structural repair.

So with that in mind if you are ready let’s begin your HYDRO-EDUCATION!

Many people believe the primary cause of wet basements and leaking foundations is the rain run off coming from their roofs and gutters and downspouts, or the grading of their property. Using examples from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Dan created this video to educate customers on the basics of basement waterproofing.

In The first portion of the video Dan explains how the Earth’s Water Cycle is the primary cause of wet moldy basements and structural damage to a foundation. Giving some background Dan then goes on to talk about the “French Drain” and our HydroArmor System. The Basement Waterproofing System we install was designed by the United States Army Core of Engineers to keep Washington D.C. dry.

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Foundation Repair

Water penetration into your foundation walls is the number one cause of structural damage to your home or building. The water works on the foundation in two ways the most basic involves the freeze and thaw cycle that will eventually lead to cracks in your foundation and a displacement of the walls. The send and less obvious effect water has on your foundation is erosion due to the acidic nature of polluted rain water. When the acidic water interacts with your cinder blocks the blocks slowly break down over time. People tell us all the time “I thought it was only a small crack, and i could fix it later.” This way of thinking is deeply flawed. Your walls may hold up for the next 50 years with that crack or they could come crashing in with the next rainfall. Take a moment to imagine the immense pressure that is being exerted on your home by the forces of nature to move a wall with a house sitting on top of it!

There are several way to repair a foundation some better than others. First let’s just simplify things and say this, carbon fiber strips are nothing more than a band-aid. They do absolutely nothing at all to support or improve the integrity of your home. When HydroArmor comes out to repair your foundation we will take one of several approaches. The most basic is using steel I-beams to reinforce the wall, while this method is incredibly strong it will affect the resell value of your home.

The Second approach that we take more often than not is to move the wall back in to place. We are one of the only companies in this industry that can do this. When we are finished it will be as if nothing had ever happened, the wall will be back in its original place. To repair a foundation is a large undertaking but the alternative is an uninhabitable home, and what good is a house house that you cant live in?

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Exterior Waterproofing

To Waterproof a Foundation wall from the exterior, or outside, is more of a massive project than most people think. For instance, “where does all that dug out dirt go?” And yes some foundations can only be waterproofed from the exterior. There are Companies who say they do the same job as Hydroarmor Systems but for a cheaper price. But Imagine having your whole yard torn up and after “Slap Happy Waterproofing Inc.” takes your money and the wall still leaks, only then you discover your “tail lights” warranty. Meaning, when they’re finished and driving away and you no longer see their tail lights, the warranty is up. – Daniel J OConnor

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Crawl Space Encapsulation

The crawlspace is an often overlooked and underutilized space in the home. Most people wrongly assume that crawl spaces will always just be that dark wet space below a home. Crawl Space Encapsulation involves waterproofing and sealing the space below your home allowing you to use it as an extra storage area. Speaking of extra storage Dan once found about $100,000 CASH under the floor boards while encapsulating one home’s crawlspace. You may not find $100K under your house but the benefits go do go far beyond extra storage.

A home with an encapsulated crawlspace will have improved heating efficiency because the once wet and drafty space is now dry and well insulated. Helping you to save big on your heating bills. The last thing to consider is the possibility that your wet and flooding crawl space is the perfect environment for growing toxic mold. Do you remember that house where Dan found $100k, the home owners had passed away at the age of 72, and 73 due to respiratory complications from the mold in their home.

In the videos Above Dan talks about the process of crawlspace encapsulation, showing you how its is done and what can be expected. After Super Storm Sandy we did several crawl space encapsulation jobs ranging from $8,000 to $15,000. A small investment to protect your home that will help you to save in the long run.

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