Ever since Dan started creating videos and posting them on YouTube people have reached out to us saying “I wish you worked in my state!” or “Please help me I can’t find a good contractor in my area, I dont know who to trust or where to start!”

Dont worry HydroArmor has got you covered. If you live outside of our service area (New Jersey, and Eastern PA) you can request a Virtual Estimate By filling out the form Below.

On every Virtual Estimate Dan will use his 40+ years of hands on experience to personally walk you through each and very step of your job on a video chat!  In every virtual estimate Dan will assess your problem, help you measure the size of your job, and give you the details of how the job should be completed.  At the end of the estimate Dan will tell you what the job will cost, what would be a fair market price to do your protect your home.  After speaking to Dan you will be well educated on the hows and whys of your particular problem. You will be able to spot the typical sales BS, giving you the upper hand when negotiating with a local company. After virtual estimates customers have even hired their own crew to save more. With Dan’s guidance you can hire any crew and have confidence that your job will be done to the highest HydroArmor standards! Virtual Estimates are $350, a small price to pay when you can save thousands!